Personal Alarming

Mobile App for personal alarming 

The Spectator BiDiApp is a security solution, easily deployable on any mobile device, that makes mobility services in combination with a professional control room accessible and affordable for everyone. A mobile application for personal alarming linked to the Spectator Communication Platform makes it easier for our customers to offer personal alarming services to their clients.

Anyone with a mobile device (phone/ tablet) can benefit from a very accessible service. The connection is established via SCAIPE; the SIP-based protocol for sending and receiving alarms and notifications over IP networks. 

  • GPS & Video verification in case of security and/ or medical emergencies 
  • Bidirectional audio & video
  • Communication with family and friends
  • Tele-support to security workers (guards)
  • Modular set-up & customisable interface


Combining BiDiApp and mPAS with the SCP provides a unique set of features that conventional PAS systems will never match, enabling control rooms to anticipate quickly and accurately.

‘Always connected, always safe’

Spectator offers an integrated range of stationary and mobile personal alarm systems in the SCP.

mPAS is a mobile panic button that uses 3G/4G networks and includes GPS localisation. With a simple click on the alarm button an immediate voice call is established with any desired monitoring center or emergency room providing them with location information to assess the situation correctly.

Next to these professional services family members or colleagues can be alerted through an automated notification message with location details, via SMS and / or e-mail.

Due to the connection with a mobile network, the panic button can be used
in- and outdoors, featuring high-quality bidirectional audio for communication with the user. The Fall Sensor automatically triggers an alarm to the platform when an impact, possibly due to a fall, is detected.




The mPAS comes along with the following features and functionalities:

Social Alarm
Social alarm via mobile panic button
Battery Life
battery life of 3-7 days
full 3G/4G solution
Audio Connection
integrated bidirectional audio connection
PAS with Fall Sensor
integrated fall sensor
Data Security
SCP Authorized, privacy guaranteed

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