Information Management System

Collection & Analysis

The Alarm Monitor offers One Graphical User Interface for all connected devices and enables operators to prioritize the alarm queue. Recording of all operator handlings, audio and video, supports security and a guaranteed Quality-of-Service. 


Automated Workflow Engine

By default, our GUI uses advanced and dynamic flowchart-based action plans. An Automated Workflow Engine, with operator decisions trees and integrated recording.

The system has user-friendly flowchart based action plans and is trigger-based as well as adjustable per sensor. 

The operator is presented with exactly the right actions that are required and whom to contact for each situation and occurrence. Action plans can be configured at customer, event type and zone level. They are even
time-dependent, ensuring the Service Level Agreement with every client will be met.

Information Management System

Features and functionalities:

One Graphical User Interface (GUI)
for all connected devices
Alarm queue
advanced prioritizing
Contact list
for automatic and manual follow-up (SMS/email)
VoIP Interface
for immediate response
Action plans
embed protocols and procedures
Full recording 
of audio & video
navigation tree
Control input and output devices
via secured site
History review
of all handlings

Advanced Monitoring Software Solutions

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