Our Vision

Innovative software for the monitoring market

At Spectator we strive to take your central alarm monitoring system to the next level, covering all familiar areas in security, healthcare and smart city alarm monitoring. 

The success of your monitoring and control centre depends on your people and the tools they can use to do the best job for your customers. From start to finish, we will assist you to choose, configure and implement the right settings of our alarm monitoring system.

We won't leave you until everything is up and running as you need it to be. After that, our 24/7 technical support team will take over and assist you and your team in using the alarm monitoring system the best possible way.

A start could be a well organised Proof of Concept for your unique situation, after which we can fine-tune your specific needs and offer our best solution.

Use our advantages

Make use of our 15 years of professional experience in the Security, Healthcare and Smart City alarm monitoring markets.

Save time and money by letting us help you choose the right configuration of our platform for your needs and manage them all through our advanced Graphical User Interface.


'Spectator's development team responds rapidly to market requirements, providing a stable and customisable set of features'

One Digital Gateway 

Spectator offers a total Software-as-a-Service business (“SaaS”) model that is based on long-term partnership agreement without initial investments. This comprises the installation and commissioning of the SCP platform as well as training and certification. During the entire term of the agreement Spectator guarantees 24/7 service-on-line, maintenance, and software upgrades.