Alarm Receiving Centre

Multiprotocal Alarming & Personal Alarming

The SCP platform is able to receive, manage and distribute nearly all existing alarm, CCTV and communication systems with one single Graphical User Interface (GUI), used by local and remote operators in both the private and public sectors.

All alarms (e.g. CID/SIA), video streams and communication protocols are received on Syros, the Spectator GUI, capable of receiving and managing anything operators in the highly demanding markets require.

High quality monitoring

Why start running before you know what to run for? Any alarm received by the SCP operator can be verified with high quality live and recorded video, also over relatively low bandwidths, confirming/validating the incoming alarm and ensuring any following action by private or public parties is fully anticipated on the event.

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Features and functionalities:

Alarm Monitor
Alarm Queue
VoIP interface
Action plans
Video Monitor
Video window
Camera selection
Output control
PTZ control
Geo Map
Multilayer maps
Clickable icons
Reference photos
Location mobile alarm

Advanced Monitoring Software Solutions

Information Management System (PSIM)

Information Management System (PSIM)

Personal Alarming

Personal Alarming (PAS and BiDiApp)

Video Management System

Video Management System (VMS)